Africa, The Perfect And Unique Honeymoon Holiday Destination


It’s hard to envisage a more romantic way to begin married life than a trip into the remarkable heartland of Africa.

Experience the beating pulse of the nation, all within a luxury setting, with beautiful traditional hotels on the fringes of some of the country’s most vibrant and exciting cities, including the bustling capital Cape Town. Here, hotels like the Cape Grace offer award-winning on-site restaurants, modern spas and beautiful period-decorated rooms, all within a five-minute walk of the bars and restaurants in the city’s busy centre.

If you’d prefer to slow down the pace and enjoy some quiet time together, then unmitigated privacy abounds in the plains of the Serengeti and beyond. Spend days trekking through World Heritage Sites like Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, home to the densest population of lions on earth, and evenings in camp, dining by candlelight under the cosmos, hundreds of miles from humanity.

For ultimate romance, we offer accommodation on the coral-fringed islands of Zanzibar and The Seychelles. Drift off to sleep with the sounds of the turquoise waters lapping the shore, and wake up ready to either snorkel with turtles or laze in palm-strewn hammocks, arm in arm. The decision is yours.

Africa Safari 

Nature at its best and where the unexpected is just around the corner.


Travelling through Kruger National Park was probably the most awe inspiring experience I have ever had.

Early morning Game drives, viewing a pride of lions asleep in the road after a big night out,a herd of Water buffalos munching on the long grass,Giraffes with their elegant necks munching on breakfast from the top of the trees.

Hippos wallowing in the river with only their eyes and ears visible.

Every day something different and every day a new experience to beetched into the memory. Some sights never to be forgotten. With 6people in the open sided jeep with a Guide and a Ranger to do the spotting. A rare sighting of a Wild dog pack and we were racingoff across the terrain through dry creek beds and as we followed the pack, the occasional “duck” and mind the “Buffallo Thorn” were the only pieces of conversation. The chase lasted about 30 minutes but we lost the pack of Wild dogs and they lost the scent of their “dinner”. An unexpected and rare event to be able to see and follow the Wild Dog pack.

Another day and another adventure, water buffalo herds in the grass, hippos in the water and herds of elephants wandering along the roads. Hyena’s prowling for a kill and running off into the undergrowth. Zebra and Giraffe in every direction.A female Leopard that just strolls past the vehicle and feels so comfortable she has time to give herself a wash!! Unforgettable.